Reflexognosy: A Shift in Paradigm

Reflexognosy is not a new way of performing reflexology. It is a new way of approaching the understanding of the body and healing in general using the legs and feet.

The theories are drawn from ancient cultures, quantum physics, and various energy medicines. On the technique level it embraces podiatry, biomechanics, osteopathic principles, and soft tissue management with joint activation for energy stimulation.

In dealing with anatomy and physiology it takes a new perspective from the concept of body cavities and how the anatomy housed within is affected by our gait. Through scientific research reflexognosy conclusively proves that body cavities are affected as we walk. The application of appropriate pressure to the feet and legs to facilitate a healing response within the client can produce the most astounding results. Reflexologists and others who wish to advance their work and understanding of the feet will find the viewpoints presented encouraging and complimentary.

Authors Christine Issel and Sandra Rogers invite you to bring a new level of understanding to your work with the feet.

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Softcover 8½x11
194 Pages with illustrations
ISBN 0962544892
New Frontier Publishing


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