Stories the Feet Are Telling
Stepping to Better Heath

Stories the Feet Are Telling is a transcript of a lecture presented by Eunice Ingham Stopfel at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago on December 7, 1958. This manuscript was something she planned on publishing as her third book, Stories the Feet Are Telling. She progressed so far in the project as to place photos and graphic in the text, and according to nephew Dwight Byers, printed about 50 advanced copies. However, the material was not edited, and there is a great difference between the spoken word and the written word. The purpose of this current edition is to add to the history of reflexology. Therefore, although the wording may be found to be redundant at times, little attempt has been made to edit or change her vocabulary, sentence structure, or punctuation. One gets the feeling of sitting in a classroom as Eunice lectures. This book intentionally resembles the look and feel Eunice used in Stories the Feet Can Tell (1938) and Stories the Feet Have Told (1951). Titles, the table of contents, and an index have been added for easier reading and reference.

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135 pages with photos and illustrations
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