Christine Issel, M.A.- Reflexologist
"Every change you make gives everyone in this world the opportunity for change.
Because of change you have opened the door for others.
However, make your changes for yourself and no one else."
- Marcy Calhoun

Christine Issel, with her extensive background in reflexology which spans more than 40 years, consults and lectures on all aspects of reflexology from curriculum development to techniques to research and the history of this most powerful healing modality.

Ms. Issel is an author, editor, international lecturer, conference organizer, founder of reflexology associations and organization, serves as a consultant to several reflexology boards and acts as a legislative advocate. Her latest book, "Energy: The New Frontier in Reflexology" is now available.

Board Positions Held:
American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB)
1990 - 2005

Co-founder of the ARCB a national, non-profit testing agency for the certification of reflexologists

International Council of Reflexologists (ICR)

1990-92, 1994-1998, 2003-2007

Wrote the original charter to establish this international organization which unites reflexologists from around the world

Association of S. Miguel for Bioenergetic Medicine
(Castro Verde, Portugal)

Professional Memberships

International Council of Reflexologist (ICR), Relexology Association of America (RAA), Reflexology Association of California (RAC), and many other state associations

Chris Issal
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